Comix Experience Robbed at Gunpoint

Comix Experience, the comic book store at 305 Divisadero, was robbed at gunpoint yesterday — the first armed robbery in the shop's 23-year history.

Around 12:18pm, two black males between 16 and 20 years old entered the shop. As owner Brian Hibbs told us via email, they surveyed the store before pulling out what may have been a shotgun.

"Two kids came in, did a lap around the store, then broke with one going to stand in front of the door. The other whipped out a shotgun (maybe? Some sort of a gun with a wooden stock, at least). 'Open the register, bitch! Oh, and give us that iphone!'"

Brian says he complied. Since it was early on a weekday, the register only had about $75, which he handed over. He also gave them the shop's phone.

"[The worst] loss is the iphone 4 we use to take credit cards, but more because 'Wait, I now can't take credit cards' until it is replaced, than any value of a two-generations-back phone that is wi-fi only, y'know?"

Brian says the gun they used looked like a shotgun or rifle — he's not exactly sure.

"Gun was about the length of my forearm, wooden stock, metal sights, but I don't know anything else about guns to be able to say more than that."

After they left, Brian called the police, who arrived and took a report. SFPD spokesman Carlos Manfredi told us that a description of the suspects was broadcast to all units, and that police searched the surrounding areas, but that the suspects remained at large as of late yesterday afternoon. He added that a CSI unit was sent to Comix Experience to try to lift fingerprints from the scene.

Brian says the window of his shop has been broken two or three times in its 23-year history, but there's never been an armed robbery before. And while no one was injured, and the amount stolen was relatively little, Brian was still understandably rattled.

"Divis is generally pretty safe these days, so I was a LITTLE shocked at, y'know, a 'brazen daylight armed robbery' of it — but I am kind of more shocked that anyone thought that a comic book store was a high value target about an hour after they opened. Hell, life is like 85% credit cards these days, so even at our fattest there's seldom enough to risk that kind of jail time, in my opinion...

The suspects are described as both wearing all dark colors. One wore a baseball cap possibly with a Yankees logo on it, and the other had a tightly cropped beard and mustache. If you have any information, call the SFPD Park Station anonymous tip line at (415) 731-2865.