Old Trigger, new Beaux?

Trigger Bar
Former Trigger Bar (2344 Market Street)

Our friends over at Haighteration were going through the newest liquor licenses posted on the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) website and found details on new life coming to Castro's infamous Trigger bar location (2344 Market Street). It looks like the owners of the bar The Edge (Tim Eicher, Rob Giljum, and Rob Cotterman) will be taking over the space under the name "Beaux."

The partners took over The Edge at 18th and Collingwood in early 2011 and gave it a facelift and an updated format that has drawn in a young and friendly crowd. Hopefully they can do the same with the 2-level with patio Trigger space and wash away all the negative memories of the unruly patrons and the bougie atmosphere.

We've put in a message to Tim Eicher to get more details about the format of the new bar and will update you when we know more. For now, we're glad to see that another vacant space in the Castro is being filled.

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