Only in the Castro Moment of the Day: Straight Dude Seeks Mentor Daddy

Bryan MacDonald
Bryan MacDonald Photo: Waiyde Palmer

Making my way home through the Gayborhood I chanced upon a sight not likely seen in to many other places in the world other than SF's Castro: a married, straight dude holding a sign announcing he seeks a succesful(sic) Sugar Daddy for help and advice.

Bryan A. MacDonald was pulling no punches with his stance or desires. Armed with what I would call a bucket of courage (or a sack of crazy) he'd set up camp at Harvey Milk Plaza determined to land his elusive prey: a financial patron and generous mentor who can help him find the road to riches in trade for handsome companionship.

Mr. MacDonald-attractive, clean-cut, the father of a two-year old-hopes to be mentored by, according to his accompanying informational flyer, 'father type that who can help out, pass on knowledge and brighten my life as I do the same'.

SWM seeks Sugar Daddy. Please note Betty White.
SWM seeks Sugar Daddy. Please note Betty White.

His direct approach might end up working best to accomplish his goals. He's aware there's a large group of Gay men who have a fetish for Straight married men. He describes himself as, "happily married, primarily straight, but, very open-minded and sexual. Also easy to get along with, who has respect and a desire to learn as much as he can." No mention in the flyer how the wife feels about his plan.

He also includes a PG pix and one of him with television/film star and the last surviving member of the Golden Girls cast, Betty White. Who doesn't want to know someone who might actually know Betty White?

I love our City. Just when you think you've seen it all someone comes along and puts a new twist in the knot of, "Um, Alrighty Then", and you find yourself completely amazed once again by exactly what it is to live here among all the unabashedly odd, weird and perfectly San Francisco people who populate our little 7 mile by 7 mile slice of heaven.

Inset pix from the advert info flyer
Inset pix from the advert info flyer

Interested Daddies of financial means and know how can contact Mr. MacDonald directly via email at

Best of luck to Mr. MacDonald and that lucky Daddy out there just waiting to do his good deed of the day.

Do let us know here at the Biscuit how it all turns out. We do love a uniquely San Francisco, shameless, polyamorous, unconventional, love affair and or business arrangement. We're romantic that way.

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