Ham and Eggs Fire Brunch at Biergarten Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Biergarten hosts a relatively new tradition in Hayes Valley — the 3rd annual Ham and Eggs Fire Brunch.

As we detailed back in April, the so-called Ham and Eggs Fire originated at 395 Hayes Street on April 18th, 1906. A resident at the address was making breakfast following the 1906 earthquake, unaware that the quake had damaged the stove's chimney. A fire ensued, and with the neighborhood's water supply cut off as well, firefighters were helpless to stop it from spreading. It eventually consumed a wide swath of the city.

Each year, the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association hosts a breakfast to celebrate the fire, or specifically the neighborhood's resilience in the face of it. This year, the breakfast becomes a brunch, hosted at Biergarten tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. Proceeds go to the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association.

The brunch will be preceded by a walking tour of the neighborhood, hosted by HVNA’s Larry Cronander. It'll begin and end at the Biergarten, and will discuss the fire and its impact on Hayes Valley. The tour starts at 10am, and will finish in time for the brunch.

So if you are free tomorrow, head on down to the Biergarten, meet some neighbors, have some food, and celebrate some Hayes Valley history. A pretty great way to spend a Saturday, if you ask us.