Writing Party at The Mill Monday Night

Take it from us — being a writer can be a lonely pursuit.

You spend most of your time working at home, or in coffeeshops, or in whatever quiet space you can find. You can go hours without talking to another human being. Days, even.

This Monday night, from 9pm to midnight, be slightly more social by joining some fellow writers in a shared workspace — at The Mill, of all places.

A new writing group called Working Draft Writers' Club is collaborating with The Mill to take over the space at 736 Divisadero after it closes this Monday night. There will be no coffee or toast, and no computers — just you and your peers, writing. By hand. The idea is to remove the distractions of modern-day technology, and get back to the essence of writing.

As Working Draft describes it:

"This is our chance to enjoy a slower and more intentional version of the craft that is only accessible when words are not so easily erased from the page, and for this reason, Working Draft promotes - nay, demands! - ink on paper."

Seating for this Monday night's event is limited, so if you'd like to reserve a space, email workingdraftclub@gmail.com. And for more info, check out workingdraftclub.tumblr.com.