Apparently You're a Snob

Are you good with computers? Do you like decent coffee? Do you recycle? Then you're probably a snob. And if you live in Hayes Valley, you might be the snobbiest snob in America.

That's according to Travel + Leisure, a list factory disguised as a magazine. (America's best lake hotels! America's best stadium food! America's best carousels!)

In an article published last week, T+L declared San Francisco the "snobbiest" city in America — and Hayes Valley got special recognition.

"San Francisco has cultivated its reputation as a serious foodie city, and readers gave it high marks for both fine dining and ethnic cuisine, even if they did also experience some sticker shock. To shop at hip boutiques, browse galleries, and dine among the cognoscenti, check out the Hayes Valley neighborhood and its Absinthe Brasserie & Bar. Any snobbiness didn’t stop San Francisco from being acknowledged for its welcoming attitude: the city also ranked first in the survey for being gay-friendly."

Supposedly, a city's "snobbiness" is measured by such factors as its cultural offerings and the intelligence of its citizens. You know, because being smart and enjoying the arts means there's something wrong with you. Because we're all back in high school.

Anyway, we would shed a tear, but we wouldn't want to fog up our monocles. Hayes Valley may very well be a hotbed of snobbery, but these criteria are just silly.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.