Castro Crime Round Up: Assaults, Robberies & a Double Stabbing

knife-stabbing-crime---96937441Since Sunday June 30th the Castro has been awash in crime if one is to judge by the reports that have been surfacing via popular blogs Mission Loc@l and SFist.

Robberies, muggings, beatings and more seem to be as common as seeing parrots nesting in the Canary Island palm trees that line Market Street.

Is it the festivities of LGBT Pride and the following Fourth of July holiday that has been the impetus to these crimes?

As we'd reported both the San Francisco Police Department and Castro Community on Patrol had deemed Castro's Pride week-end festivities 'less violent' than in the past with few incidents reported yet as we posted last week a video surfaced of a young woman being beat viciously that has prompted wanted posters to be hung throughout the 'Stro and multiple blog entries to go up calling for the suspects to be apprehended and brought to justice.

As of post time no arrest has been made.

Pink Saturday shithead (credit: SFPD)
Person of interest wanted by SFPD for questioning surrounding a woman who was beat and kicked in the head while down post Pink Saturday.

Is it time for the Castro citizens to hold another Safety and Crime forum like the one convened in January conducted by City officials, Dist. 8 Supervisor Wiener, SFPD and concerned citizens to discuss what feels to many as another wave of crime and violence moving through the neighborhood?

Here is a list via Mission Loc@l of some of the most egregious acts perpetrated on Castro visitors and citizens since Pride:

Two women were robbed and one lost consciousness after being punched early Sunday morning June 30th. Three men and two women attacked the victims near Market and Dolores streets, at about 2 a.m. police said.  They were transported to St. Luke’s Women Center for their injuries.

Two men robbed a man near 19th and Church streets at about 9:20 p.m., police said. The incident occurred when the two men struck the victim with an unknown weapon in the back of the head causing him to fall to the ground. The men stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet.

No arrests have been made.

SFPD on Foot Patrol
SFPD on Foot Patrol. Do we need to see the City return to a more hands on approach to crime fighting like Beat Officers once did?

At about 9:30 p.m. two men robbed a man 19th and Dolores streets, police said. The suspects stole the man’s wallet and the victim was later transported to San Francisco General Hospital  for minor injuries.

Two women suffered non-life threatening injuries after being stabbed near 17th and Church streets Sunday night at about 9:20 p.m. Police said a group of eight men and a woman got into a fight with one of the victims because she bumped into one of the suspects’ baby. The suspects fled on foot.

No arrests have been made.

Three men robbed a man of his cell phone near 15th and Market streets at about 10:35 p.m., police said. The men struck the man from behind and punched him several times after he fell on the ground. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries.

No arrests have been made.

And most recently it was a woman was robbed of her phone by a man who brandished a handgun after she struggled to hold onto her property on Monday, July 8th at 10:30 PM near 19th and Church St.

No arrests have been made.

STOP CRIMEWe don't have the answers to this ongoing and problematic issue facing our neighborhood. We realize it's not localized specifically to the Castro and police statistics point out that crime overall is down, but, as our community has been systematically targeted historically in the past by unsavory elements it is hard to keep that mentality out of the current discussion around what many have termed an answered crime wave within the  community.


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