Mini News Round Up: CA Supreme Court Nixes Prop 8 Challenge & New City Dog Walker Regs

Just MarriedThe California State Supreme Court unanimously ruled on the 15th that marriages for LGBT people can continue despite an emergency request from Prop 8 supporters to halt them.

The powers behind Prop 8 had tried to make a last-ditch, Hail Mary, effort to stop LGBT people from getting hitched post Supreme Court ruling last week when Gov. Jerry Brown ordered all California county clerks to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples immediately.

Prop 8's bigoted backers had claimed that by issuing that state-wide order the Governor interfered with their opportunity to appeal though how one appeals a Federal Supreme Court ruling remains unclear to me.

It seemed unclear to the judges of California Supreme Court as well as they nixed the request without much fanfare.

Let the marriage equality festivities continue and the avalanche of wedding invites go forth as Facebook is awash with 'engaged' life event notices from the Castro and beyond.

Dog walk stencil at Duboce Park. Photo: Waiyde Palmer
Dog walk stencil at Duboce Park. Photo: Waiyde Palmer

New Dog Walker rules went into effect on July 1st that have been in the works for two years penned by Supervisor Scott Wiener.

The City has more dogs than children now and the number of businesses and individuals walking our four-legged furry children has exploded. Most are well-trained and self-governing, but, like with all things, one or two can spoil the lot. Complaints from residents who take individual pets to places like Collingwood Dog Park and Duboce Park had mounted putting pressure on the City to regulate the industry.

During the process a board was convened composed of Dog Walkers, business owners, SPCA, park organizations and leaders in the field to develop standards of care and parameters for the dog walking business to operate within our neighborhoods and City.

Super packs, the process of combining large amounts of dogs into one huge group, has been outlawed. Walkers may only have 8 at a time now. The hope is that smaller parks like Collingwood will be less crowded and over run by multiple huge packs of paid walkers and individual dog owners citizens will feel safer to use the facilities alongside the professionals.

Other new regs include: obtain a City-issued permit, complete dog first aid courses, requires dog walkers to have any vehicles used to transport dogs to be inspected, approved and carry $1 million in liability insurance.

Walkers who specialize in one on one dog walks aren't required to get a license, but, it is recommended. What is unclear is how these new regulations will be enforced. It should fall under Animal Care and Control but their resources are already stretched to the brink of breaking.

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