September 9th: Goodbye Pink Bunny, Hello CVS

Change is coming to the Lower Haight on Monday, September 9th.

For starters, that's the date the new CVS will open at the corner of Haight and Fillmore. The store was originally aiming to open early next year, but as a rep for CVS told us on Friday, "we were able to move this project up on our timetable." The opening is now scheduled for September 9th, which will be almost a full two years since a massive fire forced the space's previous occupant, Walgreens, to close.

Three blocks east, at Haight and Laguna, say goodbye to the silly pink bunny.

Jeremy Fish's 7-foot-tall statue, along with the rest of the Lower Haight mural, will be demolished the week beginning September 9th. The artwork, which was always intended to be temporary, has been a part of the neighborhood since late 2010 / early 2011, when it was commissioned to spruce up the corner of the abandoned UC Berkeley Extension campus. Now that campus is being torn down to make way for the 55 Laguna housing development.

Yesterday we asked Fish if he wanted to try to preserve his creation, but he declined thusly:

"I am looking forward to watching it get smashed with a wrecking ball. After being lit on fire he deserves to die a valiant death!"

There are discussions underway to have some sort of send-off for the mural and bunny, and if anything develops we'll let you know.