Supervisor Wiener's Latest Quest: Double Parking Smack Down

Double parking commuter nightmare. Photo: SFStreets.Blog
Double parking commuter nightmare. Photo: SFStreets.Blog

District 8 Supervisor, Scott Wiener, is fed up with all the double parking he sees in the Castro and the City in general. He's putting those who participate on notice--things are going to change.

Mr. Wiener told CBS News he believes "we have an epidemic of double parking in San Francisco. Regular vehicles, commercial vehicles, cabs, are causing traffic jams, blocking the bike lane, blocking Muni buses.”

To that end he called for a special hearing on the issue Tuesday, Aug. 6th before the Board of Supervisors. He wants to hear how SFMTA who oversees issuing tickets to violators is dealing with the situation that, to his mind and many others, seems to be getting a bit worse every day.

Wiener will ask the agency to report on City policy regarding double parking, detail how double parking affects traffic, MUNI movement, and bike riders --their safety and ability to use blocked bike lanes-- as well as explain current enforcement policies. In addition, officials will have to report on citation statistics for double parking. Last year according to SFMTA 22,000 double parking tickets were issued.

Mr. Wiener also believes double parking violators should be paying a lot more than they currently are. “When you have a bus or train that is stuck and can not get around a double-parked vehicle, that fine should be higher because you’re inconveniencing not just the cars behind you but potentially 30, 40 or 50 people who are on that bus,” he said.

The fine is currently $110.00. For that number to be increased further action would need to take place.

Sup. Scott Wiener in Chambers

Mr. Wiener can be quite focused when he gets riled. His dogged, unrelenting legislative approach to solving City issues is not to be dismissed. Prime examples are his much debated public nudity law battle of 2012 or his year-long struggle to overhaul the City's use of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) appeals process that was recently passed after three other former Supervisors were unable to make it happen. Once he sets his sites on an remedying an issue he does not tend to let up.

So double parking bandits beware; whether you're just zipping in for a sec to pick up the dry cleaning or grab a cup of much-needed, hand-poured joe from Philz, Mr. Wiener has you in his crosshairs and he usually hits his target. Matter of fact I'd go move your car right this very second.

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