Bead Store location getting new tenant

Bead StoreThe old Bead Store location (417 Castro Street) is getting a new tenant. According to a SF Planning Department building permit notice the new place will be a limited restaurant space doing business as Dapper Dog.

No beer or wine will be served from the new restaurant and there are no proposed changes to the buildings facade. We gave permit applicant Bassel Khoury, whose address lists him in Belmont, CA, a call to get some deets on the format of the new place, but have not received a call back yet.

Our best guess, given the name and the relatively small size of the place, is a gourmet hot dog and sausage shop. Interestingly enough, around the corner next to Magnet there is a building for lease that for a short time had a piece of paper in the window that read "hot dog shop." Perhaps Khoury had been scouting around the Castro and found the old Bead Store a better location. It certainly gets a lot of foot traffic. Just a guess. We'll keep you in the loop!


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