"Milk Line" For New USPS Harvey Milk Stamps Planned For Next Week

Harvey Milk Stamp (USPS)
Harvey Milk Stamp (USPS)

According to a Facebook post from Cleve Jones, members of the community will be celebrating the release of the United States Post Office's Harvey Milk commemorative stamps next Thursday, May 22nd, by heading over to the Post Office at 18th and Diamond and buying a bunch,

"Bay Area friends: I'm hearing that folks here in the Castro are planning to gather at the Post Office at 18th and Diamond early in the morning on Thursday, May 22nd with rainbow flags to buy their stamps where Harvey Milk bought his. After buying stamps, they will visit the GLBT History Museum down the street, where Harvey's bullhorn and the suit he was wearing when he was shot are on display. What a great idea."

An official/unofficial Facebook Event page has gone up suggesting that folks create a "Milk Line" similar to the one Milk supporters made during his campaigns with signs, shirts, and buttons that read "Milk for Supervisor."

After the event, which is set for 8AM (the Post Office opens at 9AM), the celebration is will continue with people heading over to the GLBT History Museum (4127 18th Street) to see the museum's latest exhibit which includes an exposition titled, "The Assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk". The show includes artifacts such as Harvey Milk's bullhorn, his kitchen table, an audio excerpt of his will, and the suit the LGBT civil rights leader wore when he was assassinated at San Francisco City Hall in 1978.

If you're not able to make it to the event and you'd like to get your hands on some Harvey Milk stamps, you can order them online, too!

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