2nd Phase Of Castro Street Construction Starts Monday

Update (07/11/14 @ 12:00PM): The Department of Public Works let us know that the contractor has obtained a Night Noise Authorization Permit for nighttime construction. The permit stipulates that there will be no work allowed with high impact tools after 10:00 PM in addition to any avoidable noise such as shouting or leaving trucks idling if not being used.


The first phase of the Castro Streetscape Improvement Project wrapped up just before Pride two weeks ago with wider sidewalks and bulbed out intersection crossings at 18th and Castro. Construction crews cleaned up their equipment to make room for Pride revelers and are now ready to return to work on the second phase of the sidewalk project on Monday, July 14th.

The upcoming construction schedule includes demolition of the remaining existing sidewalk to the building face (this work will be done at night, yikes!), adjusting utility boxes for PG&E, Comcast, and AT&T, grading adjustments, final pouring of the new sidewalk, and the installation of the Rainbow Honor Walk plaques.

Below is contractor’s current construction schedule for this upcoming phase:

  • July 14 to July 24 - East side of 400 Block of Castro Street (between 18th and Market Streets)

  • July 17 to August 1 – East side of 500 Block of Castro Street (between 18th and 19th Streets)

  • July 28 to August 8 – West side of 500 Castro of Street (between 18th and 19th Streets)

  • July 30 to August 13 – West side of 400 Block of Castro Street (between 18th and Market Streets)

After this phase of work is complete, remaining work will include the installation of new street lights and pedestrian scale lights, rewiring of overhead Muni wires, street tree planting, etching of historic facts, installation of bike racks, leaning rails, repaving of the roadway and installation of rainbow crosswalks at the 18th Street intersection. Work at Jane Warner Plaza and Market Street intersection will also follow this phase.

The Castro Community Benefit District, who has been releasing updates related to street construction throughout the project, notes that the project is still on track to be "substantially complete" by the Castro Street Fair in early October.

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