New Castro Theatre Organ Gets $60k Indiegogo Campaign

Last year we posted about the uncertain fate of the Castro Theatre's famous organ often referred to as "the Mighty Wurlitzer". Organist David Hegarty, the man who has been playing the organ before shows for theatergoers for over 30 years, told us that the organ is not actually owned by the Castro Theatre, but a former SF resident that has decided to move out of town and take the organ with them. 

The old organ will soon be removed and David and the non-profit organization he started to save the organ, SF CODA (Castro Organ Devotees Association), have started an Indegogo crowdfunding campaign to help fund the creation of a new organ for the Castro Theatre that will be the largest pipe/digital organ in the world, with seven keyboards and over 800 stops. The SFCODA website boasts that, "it will retain the glorious sound of the Wurlitzer pipes while employing cutting-edge digital technology to expand it into a classical and orchestral concert organ of unprecedented versatility." An organ of similar design would usually cost somewhere in the millions of dollars to create, but the organ builder who is doing the work pro-bono is building and installing the organ for $700,000.

The campaign has already received major contributions from the Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund in New York City and from the Castro Theatre according to the campaign site, but needs the community's support in filling the funding gap. The campaign has until midnight on August 28th to fund the next phase of construction, an intermediate goal of $60,000, and is asking for any kind of financial support people can offer.

Check out the campaign video below and then go to the Indiegogo page and donate.

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