SF Boys And Girls Club Warns Of Kids With Clipboards Donation Scam

If you shop at the Castro Safeway or have ever been to Dolores Park on a sunny day you have probably been approached by kids and young adults running around with clipboards claiming they are doing fundraising for the Boys and Girls Club. Sometimes they're trying to pay for basketball camp. Sometimes it's summer camp. Either way, it's something that has been going on for years.

Well, most of us have already figured out something smells fishy about a community organization making kids go out and raise funding for their own youth programs.

The Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco has finally confirmed today that these clever little youths are running a scam. The BGCSF released a statement on their blog saying that the "BGCSF does not endorse or participate in street canvassing of any sort."

The SFPD also released a statement saying, "The individuals soliciting donations do not represent the San Francisco Boys & Girls Club and are committing fraud for personal gain. The individuals have been described as young males. They have been spotted in front of Safeway stores at 16th and Potrero St, as well as the Marina Safeway."

Next time you are approached by one of these canvassers, be sure to let them know you and everyone else are wise to their ruse. The BGCSF is asking that you also report the incident to the SFPD.

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