PHOTOS: First Rainbow Honor Walk Plaques Placed In Castro Sidewalks

Truck bed with Rainbow Honor Walk plaques (photo: Rainbow Honor Walk Facebook Page)
Truck bed with Rainbow Honor Walk plaques (photo: Rainbow Honor Walk Facebook Page)

Yesterday, at around 6AM, the Department of Public Works and construction crews started placing the first 11 of 20 Rainbow Honor Walk plaques into the new sidewalks along Castro Street between 18th Street and 19th Street. The Rainbow Honor Walk is a sidewalk tribute similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame that honors 20 LGBT heroes throughout history that identified as LGBT, contributed significantly to their fields, and are now deceased. Each of the 20 heroes selected by the all volunteer committee of the Rainbow Honor Walk is commemorated with a bronze plaque that is divided into four quadrants. Three quadrants are dedicated to an etching of the persons likeness with the fourth quadrant showing the honorees name and a short bio.

The first 20 plaques that are being placed in the Castro are just the first in a series of plaques that will eventually stretch all the way to Market and Octavia.

The official unveiling will be held next week, Tuesday, September 2nd; details will be forthcoming.

Our unofficial photographer and reporter, Steven Bracco, snapped some shots of the first 11 plaques that have been placed which include plaques honoring Alan Turing, Gertrude Stein, Randy Shilts, Frida Kahlo, Yukio Mishima, Del Martin, Bayard Rustin, Christine Jorgensen, Harry Hay, Keith Haring, and Allen Ginsberg. The other 9 honorees bios can be viewed at the Rainbow Honor Walk's website.

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