Three Twins is Taking Over the World

Three Twins, the organic ice cream purveyor whose only San Francisco location is right here in the Lower Haight, is having a very good month.

First, they opened the world's largest dedicated organic ice cream factory in Petaluma. The new plant reportedly allows them to both slash costs and ramp up volume from about 50,000 pints a year to an estimated 2 million. (That's 2 million pints! In italics!) Next, they fulfilled a $3,333.33 order of their second-most indulgent offering by personally delivering 100 pints of ice cream to a Boston billionaire. Seems pretty extravagant, until you consider that their most indulgent offering is a $60,000 sundae, hand-churned by the founder out of glacial ice, served to you atop Mt. Kilimanjaro. We're not making that up. And now comes news that 3T pints have made their way into Whole Foods stores up and down the coast, and should be in all Northern California locations by the end of the week. Amazing! Congrats to the Three Twins team for the big month — keep up the good and delicious work. (Your move, Mr. Slocombe).

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Three twins is taking over world