New York Times: Ike Unsure About Lower Haight

Yes, this is a blog post about a newspaper article about a Facebook page about a sandwich shop. But what the heck, it's Friday.

Yesterday, the New York Times finally weighed in on the most important issue of our time — namely, the saga of that rarely-mentioned Castro sandwich shop, Ike's Place. We rehashed this all a few days ago, but as everyone knows by now, Ike's current neighbors on 16th Street are of the get-off-my-lawn variety. They don't appreciate the middle-of-the-day noise and peaceful, patient crowds that come with a thriving lunch business. Basically they shouldn't have chosen to live in a city, but did, and now they're punishing the rest of us for it. Yeah, we said it. A few days ago, a Facebook campaign sprang up to try to convince Ike's Place to relocate to the Lower Haight, where noise is expected and crowds are craved. Currently the page has 245 members fans likers (?), including, tantalizingly, Ike himself. Now, the New York Times article (which itself is reposted from the Bay Citizen), chimes in with some extra details. Aptly titled "An Ascendant Nimby Crowd Threatens the Fun," the article addresses the larger issue of crotchety neighbors in San Francisco, but specifically mentions Ike's thusly:

A newly formed Facebook campaign is trying to persuade Mr. Shehadeh to move from the Castro to the Lower Haight neighborhood, but he believes he would face the same backlash from residents there. As his company thrives, Mr. Shehadeh doubts he will keep his corporate headquarters in San Francisco. “We’ll probably be moving out of the city,” he said.
Well folks? Is Ike right? Would he face the same backlash in the Lower Haight as he has in the Castro? We added our two cents last week (essentially, "heck no"), but you're the neighborhood — so what say ye?

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New york times ike unsure about lower haight