Lower Haight Loses Curbed Cup By Single, Soul-Crushing Vote

Well, the results are in, folks — and with 1647 votes counted, lowly Potrero Hill has somehow defeated the Lower Haight in the Curbed Cup — by ONE VOTE!

The positively mind-boggling, can't-be-true-but-is outcome was announced this morning after a weekend of vote tallying. In the end, after all the bogus votes were tossed, Potrero Hill came out on top, 824 to 823. But chins up, Lower Haighters! Pat yourselves on the back for bringing us so close to victory. Unless you didn't vote, in which case, enjoy your lifetime of regret! On the bright side, lovable loserdom is kind of our comfort zone, right? So, here's to another year in the sweet spot.

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Lower haight loses curbed cup by single soul crushing vote