San Francisco

Lower Haight Mural Gets a Giant Jeremy Fish Statue

Just when you thought the Lower Haight mural was finished, along comes a giant pink bunny with a skull in its mouth.

The statue, which appeared a few days ago at the corner of Haight and Laguna, is the work of artist Jeremy Fish. Back in December, Upper Playground posted a photo of Fish apparently working on the statue, which measures roughly 7 feet tall:

As Fish puts it:
my gang, THE SILLY PINK BUNNIES, is celebrating 20 years of being a mean gang this year. coincidentally 2011 is the year of the rabbit. this statue and mural is a tribute to the the gang and our history in the lower haight. viva la bunnies! see you this easter.
Take another look here...
...then go check it out for yourself!

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