Impossibly Bright LED Sign Installed at Duboce Muni Tunnel

A new sign installed a few days ago at the intersection of Church and Duboce is beaming its message into retinas across the land: You do NOT want to enter this tunnel, y'all.

The sign is insanely bright, visible from the opposite end of Duboce Ave, if not from space. SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose tells Haighteration the sign is meant "to further improve safety in our system, by making it easier for people to see driving at night." At least twice in the last year, cars (and people) have tried to enter the tunnel, "caus[ing] delays to our system and result[ing] in significant costs to repair," according to Rose.

The new sign will serve as a pilot. If it works well, the SFMTA will consider it for other areas throughout the transit system. We asked a nearby, old-school, suddenly-redundant "DO NOT ENTER" sign what it thought of its new competition, but understandably, it had no comment.

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Impossibly bright led sign installed at duboce muni tunnel