Immortalize Your Favorite Chair at Corner of Church and Duboce

Strange headline, yes — but true! The SF Arts Commission wants chairs to include in a public art installation at the corner of Church and Duboce.

The concept is to install about ten metal chairs, which will be manufactured out of reclaimed Muni tracks, at various locations around the intersection. The chairs will be replicas of favorite pieces of furniture donated by members of the surrounding community.

Artist's rendition from original proposal
The project is the brainchild of artist Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe, whose chair concept beat out several other proposals for the site in a competition held by the SF Arts Commission way back in October 2009, as part of the Church and Duboce Streetscape Improvement Project. From Suarez-Wolfe's original proposal:
"This artwork proposes to salvage and reuse the existing Muni track currently slated to be demolished and replaced. The track will be melted down and recast as chairs. The chairs themselves will be cast replicas of domestic seating from local cultures and contexts. To me, this begins to connote the shared diversity and character of the Church & Duboce community. I also find it compelling to reclaim the track and give it a renewed purpose while returning the material back to where it came from."
If you've got a chair you'd like to have considered for the project, send a photo to by May 30th. Just know that your chair will be dismantled (and possibly damaged) to make the mold for the replica, so you might want to make peace with it before sending it off to its eternal glory.

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Immortalize your favorite chair at corner of church and duboce