Want to Write for Haighteration?

Haighteration is a-growin'! We're looking for a few good writers in the Lower Haight to contribute pieces to our little neighborhood blog.

What started as a one-man show now includes fantastic contributions from local writers Rose Garrett and Caleb Garling, and über-professional pics from photog Alex Martinez. Want to join this all-star roster? Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Can I write? 2. Do I live in, or have a profound love for, the Lower Haight? 3. Do I have an unusually healthy curiosity for neighborhood minutae? 4. Do I have some free time? 5. Have I read Haighteration before? We already know the answer to number 5, but if you answered "yes" to 1 through 4, writing for Haighteration might be for you. If so, shoot us an email — andrew [at] haighteration {{dot}} com — telling us a little about yourself, your writing experience, and your Lower Haight love. Haighteration writers get fantastic benefits like self-respect, readership, and occasional freebies like beer and bagels. Who knows, maybe one day we'll all get salaries and healthcare too. But, don't go quitting your day jobs just yet. (Lord knows we haven't.) Any questions? Let us know. And if you know any local writers who might fit the bill, please send 'em our way. Thanks!

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Want to write for haighteration