New AT&T Antennas Delayed; How's Your Reception?

Remember back in May, when we mentioned AT&T's plans to improve cell phone service in the area by installing new antennas on top of 255 Steiner Street? Then remember in July, when we assured you that AT&T's plans were still on track? Yeah. Well.

Reader Mark D. passes along an update he received last week from AT&T, revealing that the Planning Commission's consideration of the project has been delayed until its November 3rd meeting. The reason for the delay? "The Planning Department forgot to correctly advertise the project in the newspaper." Sigh. As AT&T customers ourselves, we're pretty antsy about the promise of better service in the neighborhood. But the thought of switching carriers has certainly crossed our minds — especially with a certain new phone being released on Friday. We figured this would be a good opportunity to take the pulse of cell phone satisfaction in the Lower Haight. Are we suckers for having stayed with AT&T this long? Or is everyone out there equally frustrated? So, do tell us... {democracy:4}

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