How Do We Feel About a Parklet Outside Danny Coyle's?

The parklet craze that's sweeping the city is finally reaching the Lower Haight — maybe.

Danny Coyle's (668 Haight) is applying for permission to transform the parking space in front of the bar into a public area. As DPW describes parklets:

"In the place of car parking, a platform is built to bring the grade of the sidewalk out into the street. Once the platform is installed, benches, café tables and chairs, landscaping, and bike parking can all be placed on top in order to provide a welcoming public space along the street."
While any local business or organization can apply for a parklet, only 25 applications citywide will be approved in the current round, which began in September. Applicants must meet some fairly strict criteria. For example, parklets must be located away from street corners, must be on streets with speed limits of 25mph or less, and can't block fire hydrants or manholes. Also, applicants should be able to demonstrate community support for their projects. As such, tomorrow night at 7:30pm, Danny Coyle's will host a meeting for neighbors on the 600 block, to discuss the parklet plans and address any concerns. There's already been a fairly lively discussion over on the Lower Haight Google group, with some members expressing concern about potential noise and the possibility that the parklet will effectively become the bar's smoking section, rather than a space for the public to enjoy. So, tomorrow night's meeting should be interesting. We'll update with any and all developments. In the meantime, if you can't make the meeting, feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you feel about the proposed pub-side parklet plans.

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How do we feel about a parklet outside danny coyles