Hayes Valley's Lack of Pubs: Bar (Almost) None

Last month at our launch party, we asked everyone who attended for some blog-writing suggestions: topics we should consider, people in the neighborhood who intrigued you, and things you felt were missing in Hayes Valley. And boy, did you have opinions on that last topic.

When it comes to what you feel Hayes Valley is missing, the majority of answers emphatically described a lack of bars in the neighborhood (no, really, there were lots of exclamation points). While we do have a wide variety of restaurants, many of which that serve beer and wine (and occasionally cocktails), there are only a handful of bars sprinkled throughout the area. And of those bars, most don't serve beer, wine and spirits.

biergarten: our most recent addition to the bar scene
We asked some local residents and business owners what they thought about this topic and here's how they replied: One business owner said, "What we need is a good neighborhood bar... that's open in the day time, with a full liquor license! Ever try to get a drink at 2:00 on a weekday off in Hayes Valley? Not happening." Another business owner thinks, "The feel of Hayes lends itself a bit more to San Francisco's own version of a 'Main Street USA' and definitely gets more of that restaurant + boutique mix. When you walk tree lined streets... you don't think bars and clubs and nightlife." And one resident claims, "I'd rather have more cafes that serve various beers and wines... the reason I am in Hayes is that it's (an) early evening place, not staying out late kinda place."
Sounds like we have some differing opinions here. Some feel the neighborhood has created a niche, some want more full-bar serving options, and others don't want the late-night noise that comes with pubs. What do you think? Does the neighborhood need more bars... or do we have enough?

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Hayes valleys lack of pubs bar almost none