The Upper Haight Needs [Fill in the Blank]

So, after a few weeks, you're probably getting a good idea of how we see the Haight. Now, we want to know what you see.

Granted, we've got just about everything anyone could need in a functional neighborhood. In a trip to get your morning coffee and back you can get some new vinyl, choose your Halloween costume, grab a paperback for your commute, pick up a taxidermic snake to keep your cat in line while you're at work, spruce up your wardrobe, sample some local cheeses, get offered a smorgasbord of legal and illegal substances from people on every rung of the social ladder, and even save the oceans with the clipboard brigade. And that's all great. But, there's always room for improvement, right? We want to know what you WANT do on Haight Street, but can't. What forces you onto Muni to brave the distant shores of other microhoods? A Sushi joint? A night club? A bank that isn't Wells Fargo? Tell us in the comments. And don't be afraid to dream big, because who would know better than you? Nobody, that's who.

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The upper haight needs fill in the blank