San Francisco

SFPD Trying to Clean Up Haight Street

We're all about keeping the economy local, but it looks like this isn't the week to visit your friendly local drug dealer on Haight Street.

We have it from a good source that the Park Branch SFPD won't be responding to routine sit/lie and public nuisance calls as regularly as usual for a while, because they have undercover in place to bust dealers on the street. In the meantime, if you call with a non-emergency, there's a chance they'll bump your call until they're done with their plainclothes ops. Some business owners on the street have expressed mixed views on the plan. In general, though, they seem hopeful that it will curb drug dealing during business hours, or at least improve upon their current D.I.Y. deterrent of hanging signs like the one above. There's no indication of how successful the operations have been to date, nor how long they might last, but we'll follow up with more details as we get them. And in the days ahead, if you do find yourself needing urgent police assistance, make sure you stress the EMERGENCY part of your emergency call. Just a tip.


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