Waller's Newest Residents: Poison Oak and Rats?

This week, readers alerted us to two scourges that may be plaguing Waller Street and surrounding areas.

First, Nicole C. warns us of possible sightings of poison oak plants around Waller and Potomac.

"I found out the hard way (while picking up after my dog), that there's a poison oak infestation in the tree wells on Potomac Street near Waller. I've also noticed a few plants in the sidewalks on Waller itself."
We did a quick survey of the area and didn't immediately recognize any poison oak plants, but then again, we're no botanists. Meanwhile, reader Jeremy N. is concerned about a furrier, more mobile nuisance.
"It seems like in the last few months I have seen many more [rats in the neighborhood]... I saw one strolling in the middle of the sidewalk on Waller at 1pm, aaaah. My neighbor even said that the nasty rodents were in my lemon tree eating lemons, wtf?"
WTF indeed, Jeremy! Regarding poison oak, the general rule is that property owners are responsible for the maintenance of trees and sidewalks in front of their buildings, including the removal of any poisonous plants that may be growing in these areas. As for rats, while there are plenty of private pest control companies in the city, you can also file a complaint with the Department of Public Health if you're being inundated with the critters. Anybody else encountered any poisonous plants or rogue rodentia in the neighborhood lately?

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Wallers newest residents poison oak and rats