What's Going On With 500 Laguna?

Ever since Blo Salon closed its doors months ago, 500 Laguna (at the corner of Fell and directly across from the Hayes Valley Farm) has been vacant. We put in a call to Realtor Jack Murray to get an update and see if there has been any interest in the space.

He tells us that the landlord had an original asking price of $6000. What's the reason for such a high rent, you ask? It turns out that there is a basement attached to the space that is twice the size of the street level area, making the entire place around 3200ft². That price proved to be too high and was subsequently lowered to $4900 and then again to $4500. Neither of those prices seemed to entice renters, so the landlord finally agreed to drop the rental price to $4000 which seems to be what's now drawing possible leasers. Murray tells us that that one group is currently in negotiations and he additionally showed it to three other potential tenants yesterday. If you aren’t familiar with this spot, it's one of the sunniest retail spaces in the neighborhood. It also doesn’t hurt that half the city drives by it every day. Many of you lamented that there needs to be another dive bar in the 'hood. We think that might be a bit of a stretch, but there’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking, right? As soon as we hear something, we’ll pass it along. Or if you are interested in leasing the space yourself, call Jack Murray at 415-664-0800. Tell him Hayeswire sent ya.

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Whats going on with 500 laguna