540 Laguna: The Coolest Basement You Could Ever Lease

We were on Craigslist again last night. Instead of searching for ourselves on Missed Connections, we were enjoying Rants and Raves. In case you didn't know, there are a lot of angry people out there. They should visit the Zen Center. After reading a rave about someone's coworkers, we thought "what if we could have a Hayeswire empire that would need a huge office?" We checked out commercial space for rent in the area and stumbled upon the coolest basement in the world.

your future office/craigslist
This basement is located at 540 Laguna. Well, more like under Laguna Street. Here are all the details: -2400 ft² (with the possibility of being combined with an adjacent space later this summer for total of 4500 ft²) -natural light provided by sidewalk skylights & lightwells -brick walls and ceilings -1890s period detailing -recently remodeled conference room surrounded by glass All this can be yours for $5500. And as we discovered last week, that might not be too far off from how much you're paying for your studio.

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540 laguna the coolest basement you could ever lease