A Little Wine Country in Your Backyard

Today's the day! Stanza, at 1673 Haight (where Coco Luxe used to live) is open.biz. Hey there Stanza! Nice to meet you.

Stop by to see them today, and, as promised, enjoy a free cappuccino made from the single-origin roasts they'll be offering from Augie's Coffee in Redlands, CA. Once you're good and caffeinated, head toward their spankin' new Napa/Sonoma-style wine tasting room in the back! They'll be doing tastings from 5-9PM to help you come back down. They'll have staff on line to talk up all the wines they'll be selling, if you have any questions about what they're up to. Do let us know what you think of their new Love | Haight line! We can't wait to try it. Happy tasting!

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A little wine country in your backyard