The Great Apartment Hunt

We're feeling intrepid, we're feeling unstoppable. We're looking for an apartment in the Haight.

This is the first in a short series of stories chronicling a real, live apartment search. We know, as you do, that the rental market in San Francisco is going a little wacky right now, which is why we're going public and sharing what we learn. We're pooling expertise here, so give it up: your best apartment find, your favorite search engine, your great Aunt Tilly's wisdom from 70 years ago--we want it all. The criteria: 0 - 1 bedroom, $1800 or less. Upper Haight and environs. Roof. Direct sunlight. Hardwood floors. The time frame: by June. The prize: Home Sweet Haight. Can it be done? We're about to find out.

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The great apartment hunt