Alamo Square Tour Buses Caught Behaving Badly

If you live, play, or commute near Alamo Square, here's something you'll probably appreciate.

A new Facebook page called Tour Buses Behaving Badly is chronicling the double parkings, slow crawlings, and illegal stoppings of buses schlepping tourists to and from the Painted Ladies. The page was created last week by "a group of neighbors in San Francisco who want to document Tour Buses Behaving Badly for upcoming hearings about Tour Bus activity, impacts and mitigations." Infractions documented thus far — with photographic evidence — include a bus "slowing to less than 5 mph, ignoring traffic backing up behind," multiple buses illegally parked at Muni stops, and a whopping 7 buses parked on Hayes Street at one time — "in March!! Not even tourist season...." As Stephanie Tanner might say, how rude! Will a webpage be able to help improve the situation? We'll see. But as always, the first step is admitting we have a problem. (The second step is Facebooking it.)

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Alamo square tour buses caught behaving badly