Bay to Breakers, the Aftermath

We saw some amazing things yesterday. But don't worry, we'll never tell.

For those of you who didn't make it, stayed indoors or don't remember, here are a few mementos of the occasion. This is in the Panhandle on Ashbury:

The fencing did a really great job of keeping the serious runners out of the park, but by about 10:30 a.m., the drunken shufflers either hopped it, or broke it apart to go through.
These are the police trying to keep things orderly (it didn't work, although there seemed to be way more fuzz than in previous years):
This is a guy who came by in a homemade motor hybrid:
This is the rooftop party on Haight and Clayton where the DJs spinning in their living room started a party on the street that the cops couldn't shut down and the buses had to drive around:
All in all, a pretty successful day. The weather cooperated, the rioting was polite, the music was good (especially at the giant dance party around Fell and Cole) and the beer plentiful. Personally, our award for best group costume was the bros and ladybros who dressed as the Can't Touch This video with the giant STOP: Hammertime flag. Honorable mention to the Running of the Bulls guys (a group of dudes in white jumpsuits getting chased by a guy in a bull costume). Our award for best individual costume goes to the guy who dressed as the eclipse. Topical! What were your favorites? Cheers, San Francisco.

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Bay to breakers the aftermath