Don't Get Shot

Rumor on the street is that the Haight's own Milk Bar is hosting SceneTap, software that allows users to see how ripe a venue is for cruising before setting foot inside. But don't panic--yet.

The report broke this week in SF Weekly, in case you didn't see it, and listed our own Milk Bar as among the 25 bars in the city to launch a program with SceneTap. SceneTap is a program that uses real time camera feed in bars and clubs to assess how many men and women are there, how close the space is to capacity, and what the average age inside is. You can read more about SceneTap's shenanigans right here. If you thought, in passing, that SceneTap sounds by its very name like an odd sexual practice, you're dead on--although we're not really sure how well a gender-and-age-typing program would work in San Francisco anyway. Obviously, we like to keep spectatorship of our drinking athletics down to a minimum (bartenders, friends, and very new friends), so we were a little concerned. We went to talk to the guys at Milk Bar, who didn't have much to say. The manager was unavailable for comment but the bartenders we spoke with said they had no knowledge of the cameras being put into use. Indeed, even according to SceneTap's listing for Milk Bar, the feed on that bar is currently closed. So breathe easy. There was a similar scare, similarly reported by SF Weekly almost a year ago, about other software that let people play clubby peepshow from their laptops. We're not really sure how that all shook out, but apparently there hasn't been a lot of worry about it since. Anyway, you can keep checking to see if Milk Bar goes live on SceneTap, and when we hear more, we'll let you know. And if you get nervous you can always come drink in places with no lights, like we do.

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Dont get shot