Freshly Baked in the Haight

Cookies, that is. We saw some construction happening at 1671 Haight, between Stanza and the astroturf sunglasses shop, so we popped in to say hello and find out what's up. Turns out, the 'hood may be getting that bakery you wanted.

We asked around, and consensus seemed to be that the new space will be owned by the San Francisco Baking Company, which is over by Union Square. Our sources tell us it will be called, with delightful succinctness, Cookies. The guys painting inside (who were kind enough to answer our questions while they were trying to get some work done - thanks!) say the space is slated to open in 2-3 weeks. The manager at the San Francisco Baking Co was unavailable for comment on the new Haight Street location, but we'll definitely keep our ears to the wall. The 1600 Sq. Ft. space hasn't been getting much action since Maddy Kat Salon closed back in 2010. Maybe Cookies will have some luck. Welcome to the 'hood, SF Baking Co!

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Freshly baked in the haight