Get Out the Good China: 55,000 of Your Closest Friends are Coming Over

We read up on how Bay to Breakers will affect your Sunday, May 20th so you wouldn't have to.

Here's the important stuff:

  • Fell Street will be closed from Divis to Stanyan¬†from 6AM until Noon.
  • Likewise, a huge swath of Golden Gate Park will be closed to traffic from the wee hours until 4PM.
  • Alcohol is technically¬†not allowed. That said, by noon last year, the panhandle looked like a civil war reenactment, prone bodies writhing and vomiting in various states of bloody undress. So, we're curious to see if they crack down harder for the 101st. Let us know what you see.
  • Likewise, still, no floats, or other "wheeled objects."
  • Supposedly, there are way more toilets this year, although they also said that last year, and Citizens for the Preservation of Bay to Breakers reports that the number of registrants per toilet actually increased.
Funcheap has a list of the best vantage points, if you're interested in watching the bacchanal unfold. So. What's your costume this year?

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Get out the good china 55000 of your closest friends are coming over