Tree Topples on Haight Street, Crushing Car

A large tree fell down on the 700 block of Haight Street Monday evening, crushing a gray Ford pickup truck and shutting down traffic in both directions.

Several readers emailed or tweeted us photos of the tree and its aftermath. Here's a sample:

Dawson L.
Kenny L.
Philip E.
Kenny L.
Philip E.
Not only is the tree blocking the street, but it appears to have fallen onto overhead Muni lines. Needless to say, if you are driving or public transiting through the area, expect detours and delays. And if you're the owner of that gray truck, our hearts go out to you tonight. Update 5/29/12, 8:45am: A quick update, as Twitter user @McClure_SF sends us this photo of the cleared scene this morning:
Also, that crushed gray truck? It's owned by an Alameda resident who, in the words of a friend, is "shell shocked." Understandably.

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Tree topples on haight street crushing car