We See Your Chewbacca and Raise You a Quantum Physics Equation

Have you ever been on a dating website? Sometimes you read profiles where people say they're "really into nerdy guys/gals." But what they generally mean is they're "really into gorgeous people who just happen to be wearing plastic frames in a photo."

So you take a chance and meet them and they're strangely not enthralled by your knowledge of Ruby on Rails or how you organize your books by color (ROYGBIV) or how you know the difference between the Elvish and Dwarvish languages in Lord of the Rings (Sindarin and Khuzdul, duh). Well listen up, nerds. Tonight is your night. A time to be amongst your people. Glasses or contacts, Star Trek or Star Wars, red pill or blue bill... we have an event that will make you geek out.

Nerd Nite SF, a group that organizes "drunkademics" as a way for people to learn about nerdy topics, booze it up and meet others interested in the same things, is celebrating their two-year anniversary this evening. Taking place at the Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell) at 8pm, the title of tonight's event is Nerd Nite SF #24: Kawaii, English, and Magnetometry. (Nerd Note: The Oxford comma in the title was included by them, although the author occasionally dabbles in it when constructing sentences about legumes) How does it work? It's like going to class, but with beer. People give 30 minute talks on topics they love and you get to enjoy them, laugh at them and learn from them. Here's a quick snapshot at tonight's three subjects: 1) A Boy and His Atoms: A Tale of Rubidium, Magnetic Fields, Lasers, Helicopters, and a Giant Corpse Flower by Brian "Ishy" Patton 2) Ghoti Spells "Fish" (and Other Vagaries of the English Language) by Logan Heese 3) Kawaii: The Art of the Super-Cute by Megan Carlsen For more detailed descriptions, check out the event's website. Doors open at 7:30pm. Tickets cost $8. Derivative of fun is f(x) = 42x + amazingĀ²

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We see your chewbacca and raise you a quantum physics equation