Wells Fargo is Mad as Hell and They're Not Gonna Take it Anymore

Well, sort of. After their ATMs and storefront were vandalized for the third time in four months, Wells Fargo is offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the culprit.

They distributed a flyer to nearby business yesterday morning, and you can also find it posted inside the bank. As you can see above, they're offering 1000 bucks to information that leads to the arrest of the guy in the blurry security camera stills. They tell us they have no leads yet, but the teller we spoke with said the artist tagged his work, which might make him easier to track down. Also, the teller said it's scary knowing they're a target of repeated attacks. Occupy hasn't claimed responsibility for these attacks, though others have suggested Occupy might have had something to do with them. (Speaking of Occupy, was anyone at the May Day protests here or in Oakland yesterday?)

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Wells fargo is mad as hell and theyre not gonna take it anymore