Wholesaler Opens Retail Space on Haight

Buyer's Best Friend has opened a retail space at 1740 Haight. Protip: sample everything.

For the uninitiated, Buyer's Best Friend is a California wholesaler that started up in 2010. They supply goods to all manner of retailers, from chains like Whole Foods to local businesses like BiRite. They like to focus on gourmet natural products, and try to stay local. Now, they have their own retail shop in your back yard.

Only a smattering of their 109,000 SKUs are represented in the store, but it's a diverse selection. They're stocking cheeses, jellies, nuts, chocolates, oils, vinegars, coffees, sauces, snacks, and much, much more.
They've just opened, so they're not yet using all of the 2,000 square foot space, but plan to fill more of it as they get settled. In the meantime, you can follow them on Twitter for updates, and like them on Facebook to hear drool-inducing product descriptions. The best part about the store? They'll let you sample anything. ANYTHING. Go try it. We'll wait here.

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Wholesaler opens retail space