San Francisco

Condos at 525 Gough Sue and Recover $1.7 Million

The modern condominium building located at 525 Gough has sued its contractor and been awarded $1.7 million as its settlement.

After reaching out to their contractor about water issues and continually not hearing back, the Homeowners Association decided to take the contractor to court. According to AZOBuild, the defects included "intrusion of water into interior ceilings, floors and walls, and breakdown of weatherproofing systems on the decks, windows, doors and roof." An attorney at the Miller Law Firm shared that "under 'The Right to Repair Law' builders in California can repair the construction defects under pre-litigation, before filing a lawsuit." But in this case, the contractors never responded so 525 Gough decided to stop being polite and start getting real. The settlement included $75,000 per unit and was completed in under two years. If you're curious about the laws surrounding construction defect litigation, check out this site which describes things pretty well for those of us not familiar with law jargon.


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