Dangerous Intersections: Which One Scares You Most?

While we don't have any intersections that compare to Shibuya (one of the busiest in Tokyo), we do have a few that have been causing some stress.

We've recently noticed a few people showing concern about different intersections in Hayes Valley. One reader tweeted about a need for a crosswalk at Hayes & Van Ness last week. And another Hayes Valley resident, Patrick Connors, wrote about the anxiety people get crossing Laguna & Hayes... or anything that involves Octavia. If you walk across Octavia, you know the pedestrian light lasts just long enough to get from one side to another. And if you continue east toward Market Street, it feels like each light turns red the second you approach the next intersection. If you drive down Oak, Fell or Hayes, you have to wonder when your street becomes one-way. Or two-ways. Or when you can turn left. Or can't. And you try to do this while dealing with intersections where pedestrians are limited to certain crosswalks. So we want to hear from you: as a pedestrian or driver, what's the worst intersection to walk or drive through?

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Dangerous intersections which one scares you most