Free Yoga on Tuesdays at Hayes Valley Farm

Like getting your workout in during the middle of the day? Want to enjoy a break outside around lunch? Insist on perfecting your Downward Dog surrounded by rosemary and thyme? Then we've got an event for you.

Every Tuesday from 12-1pm, the Hayes Valley Farm hosts FREE yoga at their place on Laguna between Oak & Fell. Yes. Free. You read that correctly. Led by Brandon Bosch, this class tends to follow "a slow and intentional hatha flow highlighting an insistent (maybe even annoying) focus on breath." Originally called "Mustache Yoga," the class has gone through different names over the past nine months like "Baby Faced, Butt-chin Yoga" and "Short-Cropped Beard Yoga." Whatever type of yoga you end up doing, bring your own mat and head down to the Farm at noon. And stretch beforehand. You'll thank us later.

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Free yoga on tuesdays at hayes valley farm