It's National Donut Day, Y'all!

It's Friday, June 1st, and it's National Donut Day, so pay your rent, grab yourself a glazed (classic), and settle in to this week's Odds and Ends.

First off, Refinery 29 has a list of the best donuts in the city, and it's quite an eclectic bunch of donuts. Happy Donuts (albeit the one at 24th and Church Streets) gets a nod for their glazed donuts at number 9, so we think that's a good excuse to head over to Haight and Shrader for a Donut Day treat. Okay, we'll stop saying 'donut' now. Onward! ------------- The Daily Mail posted this great set of photos of San Francisco in the 1970s. There's some Haight-Ashbury post-hippie bell-bottom action in there, so it's worth clicking through. ------------- The 35th annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair happens a week from this Sunday, on June 10th, from 11am until 6pm, in case you've forgotten. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel: Battle of the bands by Stanyan St, 100+ merchants, enormous crowds, the works. If you haven't seen this year's poster, it's gorgeous, and you can peep it here. ------------- The nice folks over at Buyer's Best Friend asked us to let you know that they're offering a 10% discount to anyone living in the 94117. They're selling Stumptown Coffee over there, which would probably go nicely with your donut. ------------- And finally! Next week is reader submissions! Plenty of you fine folks have written us lovely stories about the Haight, and all next week we'll be sharing them. If any of you missed the deadline and still want to tell us a story, we'd love to hear it. If you get it to us by Monday, we'll still consider if for entry next week. Don't be shy! We're all friends here. There'll be fun prizes for the best post, so, don't wait! Guidelines here, if you missed it.

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Its national donut day yall