Odds & Ends, 6/22 Edition

This week: Pier 29 caught on fire, Pride weekend and more.

In case you missed it, Pier 29 went up in a four-alarm fire Wednesday afternoon. You can see some crazy pictures of it and read a little more about it here. Whoops! Feel like getting up early and doing something nice? Help the folks up on Twin Peaks set up the big pink triangle Saturday morning at 7. Bring a hammer, get some donuts and coffee. If you're going to go, email friends@thepinktriangle.com. If you want to keep you Pride festivities local, or at least start at the top of the hill, Trax is a solid place to start. Have a few drinks and start the night off right--they've got feather boas all over the ceiling, for god's sake. As far as Pride festivities go, if you're having trouble navigating on your own, the Guardian's guide is remarkably comprehensive. Check it. And finally, correction: Pub Crawl is next SATURDAY, a week from tomorrow. Not Friday, a week from today. Our bad! Carry on. That's all, kids. We'll be back with you on the other side with our favorite new hangover remedies. Oh, and send us your Pride pictures! The more outrageous the better: tips@uppercasing.com.

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Odds ends 622 edition