Open Letter to the Upper Haight

Today's post is a love letter to the Haight, from Joey Pangilinan.

------------------------ by Joey Pangilinan of This is the fourth in a four part series of guest posts. Dearest Upper Haight, It's been about nine months since I moved in, and let's be honest, it was a little slow going at first. I had lived in San Francisco before, but that was while I was still in college, and not as a resident in the neighborhood. But I'm kind of glad we took things slow. I know enough about myself that my impatience and over aggressiveness gets the best of me sometimes, and that moving too fast, and too soon can often lead to--well, y'know. ... But I think I've finally settled into a comfortable groove, and feel that we've gotten to know each other pretty damn well. I mean, you help me feel like a kid in a candy store each time I hit up Amoeba and the Booksmith, and I'm almost always getting dinner at Off the Grid at Stanyan and Waller every Thursday night. Then there's that time a few weeks ago when I got that craving for shwarma after watching The Avengers twice in as many days, and Blue Front Cafe was there to help me satisfy said craving. You also definitely have a wild side. There is no disputing that. Hanging around you on 4/20 was a trip on so many levels. It was also great having Bay to Breakers in my own backyard down in the Panhandle. ... But, I must say that it got a little--weird. At first, I just felt out of place. I was still hungover from going out and drinking the previous three nights, and wasn't planning to drink during B2B. So there I was sober, dressed in board shorts, and a short-sleeved button up while everyone around me was raging and partying. That is, until I got flashed by two very cute ladies in trench coats, and then walked by some middle-aged dude in a g-string. Both instances screamed "San Francisco," and immediately, I thought "that's more like it." Before finding a flat off Haight and Central, I had a helluva time looking for the ideal place. In fact, the search dragged on for so long that I wondered if I'd ever be able to find any place at all. But thankfully, I did stumble upon the ideal living situation, and have found that just like the city itself, you're a little weird, and a little out there, but whatever. I'm a little weird, and a little out there, too. You're chill, laid back and without even knowing it, you were exactly the right neighborhood for me. I don't even care if this letter borders on some kind of sappy. It's good to say these things every once and a while to make sure we're on the same page. Thanks for being so cool. Stay kinky. Love, Joey Pangilinan.

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Open letter to the upper haight