Party With the Diggers

We're so excited, we just had to let you know: today's your chance to party with the Diggers in the Panhandle.

Foggy Notion Books and the Coalition on Homelessnes are bringing you a picnic and clothing giveaway with music, posters and special guests today, from 4 to 6 PM in the Panhandle. The Homeless Youth Alliance will also be participating in a park cleanup at 3:30 at Alvord Lake, in Golden Gate Park at the end of Haight Street. They're celebrating the release of Notes From a Revolution: Com/co, the Diggers & the Haight, a new visual history of the Diggers through their broadsides and pamphlets. This is all about the birth of the Haight's counterculture, and here to celebrate it with you are Claude Hayward, Harvey Kornspan and Peter Coyote. The Diggers were all about guerilla theater, artistic pamphleting, and radical notions of property, and their legacy has lived on through movements like Occupy, and Food not Bombs. If you want to know more about them, after the hooplah in the park they'll be reconvening at the Booksmith (where, incidentally, we also work), at 6:30 PM for a reading and book signing. We'll see you there.

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Party with the diggers