Haight Street is Hiring

Polish up that resume, kids, because Haight Street needs your help.

We noticed over the weekend that quite a few of the business on the street are looking for people, so we wanted to pass it along. Without further ado, a comprehensive list of Haight Street businesses that are hiring. 1. Haight Street Market is hiring. For everything. Cashiers, stock people, deli - drop of a resume in person. 2. Martin Mack's is looking for line and prep cooks. They want someone with 4 years' experience, their own knives, an obsession with cleanliness, and a passion for capital letters. Bring 'em your resume. 3. The Child Abuse Prevention Center at 1757 Waller St is looking for a therapeutic caregiver for their evening shift with a minimum of one year experience in child development, psychology, social work, or a related field, and/or a minimum of one year experience working with groups of children aged 0-3. 4. Crossroads is looking for a sales people, buyers, and a floor manager. Bring your references, and apply in person. 5. A place called Alfa Homes at 181 Belvedere is looking for a part-time weekend residential counselor. Must have 4 years' experience as a residential counselor, must be able to pass a background check, and must be CPR certified. 6. El Faro (where Balazo used to be) has had a hiring sign in the window during construction. Call 415-391-1767. 7. This one might not be valid anymore, and we couldn't verify, but Citrus Club was/is looking for a line cook. 1 year experience, available full-time and weekends. 8. This one's a bit older, but it hasn't been taken down yet, so we're going to tell you about it anyway: Earthsong needs a salesperson from now through Christmas. You need to have prior retail experience. Good luck out there!

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Haight street is hiring